Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter x 2

Happy Easter! We were fortunate enough not to only celebrate Easter once, but TWICE! We enjoyed it with both families. The Easter Bunny visited the Poulsen's a week before Easter. Wade and Kali came and visited us from Orem. Let me first of all give a shout out to my sis-in-law, Kali. She is such a creative human being! She came up with all sorts of games for us to play. She is amazing. After we played those games and the kids woke up from their naps, we taught the two youngsters how to do an Easter Egg hunt...
Miles did great. With Hadley, we soon discovered she realized there were treats in the eggs. And all she wanted to do is pick up an egg and eat what was inside. We should have put more 17 month friendly candy inside. However, Hadley doesn't mind the taste of tinfoil, but it caused me more stress then needed.

This is my sister, Niki, showing us what an egg looks like. Just in case you didn't know. It's tradition to decorate eggs with the Poulsen's. We've always colored the eggs with crayons first before dying them to personalize it a little more.

We taught Hadley how to decorate eggs. She caught on really fast. She really enjoyed scribbling all over the eggs. She decorated most of them. She is spoiled...

Easter Sunday, we went down to South Jordan to spend the holiday with the Fraidenburg's. We had a delicious dinner. Perfection! John and I tried to convince them to play some of the games Kali had us do with my family. We only did one - I think it works better if Kali is there. But, we still laughed...
This a picture I had to put in of Hadley. We love her BIG blue eyes.This is Hadley in her Easter Sunday dress. John and Hadley decorating eggs at the Fraidenburg's. Again, Hadley decorated quite a bit.
And this is Grandma Fraidenburg playing with Hadley and Brody. It never rained like the weather man said it would, so we ran outside to blow some bubbles. The kids loved it!

Thanks to our families for creating amazing memories for us to keep. We love and appreciate all the you do for us!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mullet Be Gone

Most moms (like myself) dream of there daughters having beautiful flowing hair to braid and accessorize. My grandmother did it to my mom, my mother did it to me, so I plan to do it to Hadley. It's tradition. So what am I suppose to do when my child's hair grows everywhere on her head, except for the sides, and she ends up with... yes... a mullet...
In the past, I've told young mothers to suck it up and just cut the length off so their daughter can actually have a cute haircut vs something that came out of the movie Joe Dirt. So - the time came when I finally decided I better take my own advice. I took what was of the above picture, and cut it into this...
And mamas... You can still accessorize!
I'm realizing my baby is not so much a baby anymore.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 Years Ago Today...

Scott, John's roommate and my co-worker, wanted to go on a double date. He asked John to find someone to go with them. John, being new to Logan, really didn't know anybody. He asked a cute girl from work, but she couldn't go. John was ready to tell Scott he was on his own. Scott told John he had to. Scott didn't want to take the girl all by himself, because he was worried that it would be awkward. John thought for a second, and asked, "Well, what about the girl who cut our hair." Scott said, "Tina? That's perfect! She knows the girl I'm taking, too. So we'll have fun. I'll get her number from work."

Thursday, April 13, 2006 at about 11:00 pm, I went downstairs in my room. Went to my phone that was plugged into the wall, and noticed a had a voicemail from a number with a Salt Lake area code. What? Who would be calling me from Salt Lake? I listened. "Hey, Tina. This is your buddy, John. I just wanted to know what you are doing tomorrow night. If you could give me a call, that would be great. Talk to ya later." "Oh my gosh!" I remembered who John was. The tall guy, with the luscious brunette hair. My mind began to race. How did he get my number? Is he a stalker? Do I really want to go? I promised myself not to date clients. That wouldn't be too professional. He is a nice guy, I should go. But, I just got our of a 2 year relationship just 2 months before. I'm off men now. However, it would be so nice to get out of the house. But, do I want to go with someone I really don't know. Are we going on a double date? Or is it going to be totally awkward. Ugh! What to do? I talked to my mom, and her famous reply she gave me, I'll never forget, "Oh, Tina. Just go out with him. It's not like your going to marry him." I figured just to sleep on it.

Friday, April 14, 2006, I get to work and decided to call John. I had every intention to say No. I woke up with menstral cramps, and I just figured it was prbably best to keep work and personal life seperate. I gave him a call. "Hello?" "Hey John, it's Tina." "Hey, Tina. What are you doing?" "Nothing just at work." "Well, when you get off the phone, what will you be doing tonight?" What? Who says that? I was so confused. My plan of conversation soon took another route. "I don't know, John. What am I doing?" "You're going on a date!" I gave him him a pitty/nervous laugh. "Oh, okay. Sounds good." Great. Not what I wanted to do. I told him where I lived and he was picking me up at about 7. I hung up, and called out to my co-workers, "Does anyone have midol or ibproufen? Like, a lot?"

That night, John picked me up (when I noticed his brown eyes). We went to the Blue Bird (noticed how hard and how much he made me laugh). Went ice skating (later found out it was an excuse to hold my hand), went rock climbing (luckily the medicine and caffeine kicked in at about this time) and went back to his place and hung out and chatted til 1:00 in the morning. I had so much fun! I can't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did. John was so much fun. I wouldn't say I fell in love that night, but I defiantly felt like I found a long lost best friend. I couldn't believe how well we clicked. It was a night that I thought was going to be a nightmare, turned into the best night I've ever had! Awesome first date!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 Years Ago Today...

At the time, I was just beginning on building my clientele. In the hair industry, you don't make any money if you don't have someone sitting in your chair. So I chose to keep my job at the Buckle, as a "freight girl", to help keep my head above water. I worked there Monday and Tuesday, and then I did hair Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I was into my 2nd month at the Hair Company, and I was finally getting into the hang of things.

Friday, April 7, 2006, was just a typical day at work. I was sitting there, chit-chatting with the girls I worked with, when the phone finally rang. It was for me. I answered, and it was a guy I worked with at the Buckle. I cut his hair 2 days before.

"Hey, Scott. What's going on?"

"Hey, Teens. First of all I have to tell you how great my hair is. In fact, I'm calling to set up an appointment for my room-mate. He noticed I had a haircut, and he needs one, so I told him he should have you cut it since you did such a great job. He has to be in at work by 2:00. Can you get him in before that?"

"Yeah. I think I can squeeze him in." (Since I had nothing on my books.) "What's his name?"

"John Fraidenburg. F-R-A-D-E..... no, F-R-A-I-D-E-N-B-E-R... B-U-R-G. "

I ended up just writing down "John F.", and I remember thinking to myself, "I'd HATE to have a last name like that."

12:30-ish rolled around and Scott came with this tall guy with thick, luscious, shaggy, brunette hair. "Hey, Scott. Your hair looks good." "Thanks, I had nothing to do, so I thought I would come along."

I turned towards the guy and said, "You must be John."

He replied, "That's me." "Okay, come on back."

Nothing great happened. I just cut his hair, mostly talked to Scott (because I knew him a little bit), and ocassionly asked John a question. I found out he was from Salt Lake. Came to Logan to start school the following fall. Worked at Convergy's and American eagle, but quit both to start working at Qwest the following Monday. Served his mission in Brazil, and that's where he met his roommate, Scott, that talked him into moving up to Logan to go to school. I remember thinking he was a way nice guy, with nice hair.... and that was that.

I charged him for his debt to me, and he gave me a great tip. He told me, "Thanks." I told him, "You bet. See ya later." And I didn't think anything of it. Come to find out, John didn't either.

Until the next week...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reality Check

Hadley: (insert the highest, deafening scream that can possibly be heard by the human ear)
John: "Okay, sis. Let's go distract you with something else." (He then removes her from the room)
Bro-in-law: "So, what ways have you tried to discipline Hadley?"
Me: "...uh..."

I got the hint.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mean Mommy Trick

We don't have a gate for our stairs at our house. And I'm too cheap to buy one. I'm not worried at all about Hadley falling down the stairs. She maneuvers them quite well. Better than me, actually. But, it is such a pain chasing her up and down all day. So here is when the "mean mom" comes out. It's a great trick, and if you need to use it, feel free.

Find something that terrifies your child. In this case, the vacuum.
There have been times that I need to jolt her memory and turn it on, but today wasn't the case.

Finally, place object in front of stairs.
Works like a charm. (I'm going to hell)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

California Trip

After this - no more updating. I swear. But this was such memorable moment I had to share. My parents took me and my siblings and our better halves to California for Christmas. It was AMAZING! It went by way too quick, and I'm dying to go back. THANKS MOM AND DAD! YOU'RE THE BEST!!