Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 Years Ago Today...

Scott, John's roommate and my co-worker, wanted to go on a double date. He asked John to find someone to go with them. John, being new to Logan, really didn't know anybody. He asked a cute girl from work, but she couldn't go. John was ready to tell Scott he was on his own. Scott told John he had to. Scott didn't want to take the girl all by himself, because he was worried that it would be awkward. John thought for a second, and asked, "Well, what about the girl who cut our hair." Scott said, "Tina? That's perfect! She knows the girl I'm taking, too. So we'll have fun. I'll get her number from work."

Thursday, April 13, 2006 at about 11:00 pm, I went downstairs in my room. Went to my phone that was plugged into the wall, and noticed a had a voicemail from a number with a Salt Lake area code. What? Who would be calling me from Salt Lake? I listened. "Hey, Tina. This is your buddy, John. I just wanted to know what you are doing tomorrow night. If you could give me a call, that would be great. Talk to ya later." "Oh my gosh!" I remembered who John was. The tall guy, with the luscious brunette hair. My mind began to race. How did he get my number? Is he a stalker? Do I really want to go? I promised myself not to date clients. That wouldn't be too professional. He is a nice guy, I should go. But, I just got our of a 2 year relationship just 2 months before. I'm off men now. However, it would be so nice to get out of the house. But, do I want to go with someone I really don't know. Are we going on a double date? Or is it going to be totally awkward. Ugh! What to do? I talked to my mom, and her famous reply she gave me, I'll never forget, "Oh, Tina. Just go out with him. It's not like your going to marry him." I figured just to sleep on it.

Friday, April 14, 2006, I get to work and decided to call John. I had every intention to say No. I woke up with menstral cramps, and I just figured it was prbably best to keep work and personal life seperate. I gave him a call. "Hello?" "Hey John, it's Tina." "Hey, Tina. What are you doing?" "Nothing just at work." "Well, when you get off the phone, what will you be doing tonight?" What? Who says that? I was so confused. My plan of conversation soon took another route. "I don't know, John. What am I doing?" "You're going on a date!" I gave him him a pitty/nervous laugh. "Oh, okay. Sounds good." Great. Not what I wanted to do. I told him where I lived and he was picking me up at about 7. I hung up, and called out to my co-workers, "Does anyone have midol or ibproufen? Like, a lot?"

That night, John picked me up (when I noticed his brown eyes). We went to the Blue Bird (noticed how hard and how much he made me laugh). Went ice skating (later found out it was an excuse to hold my hand), went rock climbing (luckily the medicine and caffeine kicked in at about this time) and went back to his place and hung out and chatted til 1:00 in the morning. I had so much fun! I can't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did. John was so much fun. I wouldn't say I fell in love that night, but I defiantly felt like I found a long lost best friend. I couldn't believe how well we clicked. It was a night that I thought was going to be a nightmare, turned into the best night I've ever had! Awesome first date!


Amanda said...

Awe Cute! :)

Kandace said...

And the next morning John came over to MY house and was like..."Pretty sure I had the best date EVER last night!" And I was like "Oh? Will there be a second date?" His reply? "Definately." :) LOVE your story!!!

jhjonze said...

Seriously cute!
Um, when is the next installment?

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