Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our DC Trip

John and I had the opportunity to go back east to see some of the civil war sites and Washington DC as well. Naturally, we decided to go.

For those of you who don't know, John is in the ROTC. They had a history class that you can get school credit for, and if family member wanted to go, they could (for only $550). We stayed in the army barracks, so I didn't get to stay with John. "Boys on the top floor, Girls on the main." I didn't mind too much, but I knew some of ladies didn't like the thought of not being able to stay with there hubbies. I figured at least it was somewhere to stay - for cheap!! They also provide breakfast and lunch. Dinner was up to us. As you can see - it was a steal of a deal.

It was way fun to go on this trip with the ROTC. Not only did we get a history lesson of Gettysburg and Antietam, they showed the different strategies the army took during the Civil War. I thought it kind of a cool perspective!

I organized the days of our trip in separate posts. Go ahead and scroll down to check out what... we... checked out... :)

Day 1 and 2 - Gettysburg

I was so excited to come here. I kind of was a history nerd, and ate up the lesson on the civil war. It was amazing to come here. Gettysburg is absolutely beautiful. It is so hard to believe that these grounds were covered in blood, and so many died here.John looking at the Gettysburg.

Monument of Gen. Reynolds (they had monuments like this everywhere) Just a little tid-bit: If horse on the monument has one leg up, that means the officer on the horse was wounded in that battle in that general spot. If the horse is on two legs, it means that officer was killed in that general spot. As you can see, Gen. Reynolds didn't make it too far into the battle.
This monument was made for the 75th anniversary of the civil war. The remaining soldiers (both confederate and union), who were in their 90's and even 100's, came for the celebration. This monument means we are now one.
Another view of Gettysburg
This specific place was called Devil's Den. Many, many men died here. And there was lots and lots of blood here. So, they told us to have our lunch here. (I don't know how respectful that was now that I think of it, but it was a nice little picnic area). The orange we were holding fell... this rock. (we were sitting on top of it). I still ate it. The orange was just easier to peel. Good Times.
This was on a hill they called Little Round Top. In this specific spot, the union beat the confederates... with no ammo. Of course the confederates didn't know that. Again, it was so neat to be here.
Gettysburg Cemetery. Rows of unknown soldiers.
This monument is in the Gettysburg Cemetery. It marks the spot where Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address: "Four scores and Seven Years ago.." This monument was later built after the speech was delivered.

Day 3 - Antietam

Antietam was the bloodiest single day battle of the Civil War. It was so moving to be there. I forgot to pull my camera out for the first part of the day. oops. I guess I have to go again.Burnside's Bridge. The Confederates fought off the Union to buy time here. There motivation was whiskey... I don't blame them.

Soldier monument at Antietam Cemetery

Rows and Rows and Rows of headstones in the Antietam Cemetery. Most of the graves here were from the Battle of Antietam. About 23,000 casualties : 3,654 died, 17,292 wounded, and the rest captured or missing!

Day 4 - Washington DC

This is the first day we were in DC. We went to as many of the sights as possible. The best part of DC is that all the Smithsonian Museums are FREE! It is totally worth going. I defiantly recommend going. We also went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. You weren't allowed to take pictures there, which is for the best. I posted some of our pictures from the day. Not all. I didn't want to to bore you with ALL of them. Changing of the Guard
The Grave of the Unknown Soldier
Rows at Arlington Cemetery.
Washington Monument (notice how the monument changes color half way? They didn't have enough of the first stone to finish the monument, so they had to switch. How embarrassing!)
The Air and Space Museum
Where the archives are held.
The Constitution
The group we spent most of our time with. They were so much fun. I am so glad I got to know them all. We made great friends from this trip!

Day 5 - Washington DC (continued)

Here is our last day to play. We only spent two days in DC. We definatly needed at least 3. But, It was so much fun! If you get the chance, GO!
The Lincoln Memorial (HE'S HUGE)
Trying to break into the backyard of the White House. I'm sure they saw John climbing up the gate and had their guns pointed at his head, knee, and belly button in case he did jump the fence.
The Marine Corps Memorial (ALSO HUGE) These men from WWII, where lined up with their canes and wheelchairs. It was so cool to see.