Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gone... Froggin'?

Yes, froggin'. Our next door neighbors (Keegan and Lindsey Bench) invited us for a frog hunt. We went in the swampy areas of Cache Valley to do so. John and Keegan did the dirty work, as Lindsay and I watched from the sidelines. It was a unique way of getting to know our neighbors more, but it was pretty fun.

Me and John in his new outfit.

Keegan and John hunting.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our New Guest House

Aggie Village is the family housing located on the USU campus. Most of them are two bedroom apartments, with white cinder-block walls. You feel like you are in a church's classroom. They do have washer/dryer hookups, but there's only enough room to put the washer in the bathroom, the dryer belongs out on the back patio. There is NO air conditioning. None. This means it is baking hot in the dead heat of the summer. But it is hard to believe that it is an ice box in the winter. The parking lot is at least 100 yards away. That's not too terrible, but you're fighting the one good parking stall with the other 36 residence that live here. Also, it is a long walk when that bitter cold canyon wind hits you in the face as you walk back to your apartment. ...we live in Aggie Village. We've been here for the last year and a half. It sounds like we are in a pretty bad situation. We are. But it has been such a humbling an learning experience. We live in a great ward, and have made some wonderful friends. We live here for that very reason, not to mention the free internet, free cable, free utilities (except for electric and gas), close to campus, and the super cheap rent.
We have our few visitors that are nice enough to see us under these conditions and are willing to actually spend the night. (Thanks Mom and Dad Fraidenburg, and Josh) We have our room in the "master" bedroom (obviously) and our second room is the "office". It is filled with all of our indoor storage, so there is no room to let anybody stay in there. Therefore, the tiny front room is the only available spot, and usually you end up on the floor. GREAT NEWS! Thanks to Mom and Dad Poulsen, we now have a tent that will act as our new guest house. No excuses anymore, people. We have plenty of room for visitors... out in our backyard that is. We still have the front room, but here is now a much more spacer option. *wink, wink*