Thursday, August 19, 2010

Next Step

Hey world. I am realizing I'm not nearly the dedicated blogger I would like to be. I can't promise I will get better, But I sure will try.

This is just a quick little note just to let you know the next few steps in our lives. And how LAME we really are. But it is okay, because it is the next few steps to make it to a bigger step. Let me explain....

As most of you know, we are currently taking care of a couple's house while they are on their mission. Well, the 18 months are up, and our couple are coming home and we need to be out by September 15. And, we are moving to ... *sigh*... my parent's basement. (my cheeks are officially pink)

Eek! I know, I know. I feel so blessed that my parents are willing to take us for a bit. (but I'm pretty sure it's because of Hadley they are so willing to) And it's only temporary. We are currently in a rut where we are seeing if our next little home will be available or not. If it is, we will be moving again the first part of November. If not, we will be looking for our next place to live. Our name is on a few waiting lists of new possible homes, but we will still have to wait a bit. But again, I feel so blessed and grateful for my parents and their willingness to take on my little family, and, again, EXTREMELY grateful to have Hadley so this would be possible. (just kidding, mom... but seriously... thanks, Had-e).

John starts his FINAL year of school soon. It looks like May he will be DONE! word. I think I'm more excited for this next step then John is. :)

I will post pictures hopefully sooner then later of our summer adventures, Hadley is getting so big, and i dare say - BEAUTIFUL! I need to show her off. Much love, world.