Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Growing Belly

I really haven't been keeping up with showing off my baby bump, simply because... I really haven't had one. I feel way fortunate, but I'm kind of excited now that people are acknowledging that I look pregnant versus giving me stares that say "are you....?" (Note: those stares are directed towards my gut) And then, now that I look pregnant people dare say "are you...?" and then I say, "Yes. I'm about 7 months along..." and then I get gasps of disbelief... anyway - The point of this is not to brag. Just to say that although I'm not showing (my mom was the same way) as much, I do in fact feel pregnant.

But you've asked to see, so this is what I have...
23 weeks (5 to 6 month-ish)

28 weeks (6 to 7 month-ish)

30 weeks - me today!


The first tri: SICK! I did fine until week 9 to week 17ish. I hated the sight of food (unless it was watermelon). And the worst smell was and still is the garage. Crazy I know. I was sick every single morning, but did pretty well the rest of the day. Everyone informed me that by week 13 or 14 I would feel like a completely different person. Well, I did. :) For the worst. I could not keep anything down! And I felt so bad, because one of the worst days was on my baby sister's wedding day. I had to keep taking breaks from styling her up-do to go throw up. And then I didn't get the chance to pay attention to her ceremony because I was giving myself pep talks to not throw up in the middle of the great ordinance that was taking place. (No fear - I made it) But, you know. In a weird way, I was so grateful at the time for being sick. It was a friendly reminder that everything was okay, and that although I didn't feel up to par, my baby was doing great.

The second tri: MUCH BETTER! I loved it. I felt so good, and John informed me on how I finally had that pregnancy glow. (I was rather mean) My bump became somewhat noticeable, and I began to feel our baby - our baby girl - move! That is my all time favorite feeling in the world now. And the best part, was when John could begin to feel her move. If you want a tender moment, that was it.

The third tri: CURRENTLY FINDING OUT! I've been in this category for 2 weeks now. So far, not complaining. My back does give out. But, it probably doesn't help that I stand on my feet at work. Oh well. Water from the hot shower pounding on my back always helps. Pink is now our favorite color. John plays with our little girl as much as he can. Their favorite game is John will shake my belly, and then she will kick back and wait for a response. And then he shakes again, and then she will take her turn. And she only does that with John. I love it. I think John loves it more!

The "fourth" tri: FUTURE PLANS! My plans are to work up to the day of birth. Crazy I know. But we really need the income. When the chica comes, I will take at least a month's worth of maternity leave. When that time is up, I will continue to do hair. But, only 3 times a week. I'm looking forward to being a mom and I want to be with her as much as possible. And I am SO EXCITED to see the bond between John and his baby girl. 10 more weeks! She's almost here!


Okay, I'm quite the slacker! I know. But, we've had a few computer problems, and with a mixture of laziness, I haven't been able to keep up with the blog. But, I'm repenting, and now quickly filling you in some events....

Well, only one. August 8, 2009. John turns 25. And he has some what freaked out a little because he is now a quarter of a century. We made plans with his family and decided to spend the weekend at Bear Lake. Our plans consisted of typical camping activities, and boating at the lake. But, Mother Nature decided to put a twist on things, and the morning of John's glorious day, we woke up to freezing cold weather. Mind you, it's August. And the news said that day was a new record low high of 62 degrees. COLD! Luckily, we did pack some hoodies. And very luckily, our brother-in-law, Luke, had some connections for us to change boating into 4-wheeling. We had a ball. Here are pics to document the event...

Our adorable niece helping John open presents.

The Hottie McNaughty.

Luke and John. John thought he was a cowboy this weekend. Some mid-life crisis thing.

Picture too cute to leave out. Grace loves taking self-portraits.

John blowing out his birthday... match.

Proof of everyone there.