Tuesday, January 27, 2009

That Just Happened!

I love my job. But, just like every other job, it has it moments. Like, yesterday...

I have a client that is in her 70's. And like most 70 year old women, she has to get her monthly perm. No problem. Perms aren't my favorite, but you do anything for a little extra money.

As I am rolling the perm in my clien'ts hair, she out of no where says, "You will have to excuse me for my social skills today..." I suddenly assumed she was going to tell me she was tired and she wasn't going to be very talkative. But my thoughts were interrupted abruptly when she said,"I'm feeling gassy."

I panicked. I must have heard wrong. Who admits that? (Right, a 70 year old woman) She continued,"I apologize for any smells that I may have. I can't really tell how bad it is. I think I may have lost my sense of smell. Carl [her boyfriend - that's a whole other story that's just as gaggy] tells me that I am pretty bad."

...yeah. Time goes on, and the heat began to rise. Now, I understand that when you get older, some people just can't help it. That's fine. But, there has to be a better way. And I know when I'm not being dramatic when my client says, "Oh, that must be really bad. I can smell that one."

Although I found out that I can now hold my breath a little longer than I thought, I beg to you all out there. If you feel a little pressure, PLEASE feel free to excuse yourself to the restroom.

And, yes, this really happened.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christmas Pictures

I've been meaning to share some pictures from Christmas, but we know how life gets. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my parents. We then drove to spend the rest of the Christmas weekend with John's family. It was so nice to be with our families for Christmas.

My family lining up youngest to oldest: Jackson, Niki, Me, John, Susan, Jared, and Mom. (Dad is taking picture, and Wade and Kali were in Boston. They were greatly missed.)
John and his siblings Cassandra, Melissa, Marie, and Walter.
Pumpin' feathers... I mean, iron.

John proving he is not only strong, he's army strong.


I would like you to meet....
...Juan Franburgio!
This is what John can grow in a week. He grew a mustache for the first day of ROTC this semester. Thank the sweet Lord above us that John shaves!