Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reality Check

Hadley: (insert the highest, deafening scream that can possibly be heard by the human ear)
John: "Okay, sis. Let's go distract you with something else." (He then removes her from the room)
Bro-in-law: "So, what ways have you tried to discipline Hadley?"
Me: "...uh..."

I got the hint.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mean Mommy Trick

We don't have a gate for our stairs at our house. And I'm too cheap to buy one. I'm not worried at all about Hadley falling down the stairs. She maneuvers them quite well. Better than me, actually. But, it is such a pain chasing her up and down all day. So here is when the "mean mom" comes out. It's a great trick, and if you need to use it, feel free.

Find something that terrifies your child. In this case, the vacuum.
There have been times that I need to jolt her memory and turn it on, but today wasn't the case.

Finally, place object in front of stairs.
Works like a charm. (I'm going to hell)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

California Trip

After this - no more updating. I swear. But this was such memorable moment I had to share. My parents took me and my siblings and our better halves to California for Christmas. It was AMAZING! It went by way too quick, and I'm dying to go back. THANKS MOM AND DAD! YOU'RE THE BEST!!