Friday, March 25, 2011

Mean Mommy Trick

We don't have a gate for our stairs at our house. And I'm too cheap to buy one. I'm not worried at all about Hadley falling down the stairs. She maneuvers them quite well. Better than me, actually. But, it is such a pain chasing her up and down all day. So here is when the "mean mom" comes out. It's a great trick, and if you need to use it, feel free.

Find something that terrifies your child. In this case, the vacuum.
There have been times that I need to jolt her memory and turn it on, but today wasn't the case.

Finally, place object in front of stairs.
Works like a charm. (I'm going to hell)


Amanda said...

LOL! Emorie is scared of the big garbage can outside and the giant trucks that come and get it. So whenever she does something to make Ty mad he takes her outside and pretends he is going to "throw her away." Poor girl is TERRIFIED and will need therapy when she is older. She does usually straighten up her behavior after that. Whatever works right?

Nick and Kim said...

That is so funny!

kathy said...

That's so great! When we took a couple of grandsons to Disneyland last year, Jett was terrified of the big rollercoaster, so whenever he'd act up we'd threaten to make him go on the "fastest train ever". Worked every time. See you in hell.

Clay and Jessica Brown said...

that is too funny, but a good idea all the same! :D P.S. Clay didn't really like the name idea you had if we have a boy....haha!

jhjonze said...

I LOVE you!

Gordon and Robyn said...

That is hilarious!

~Jake, Brianna, and Jocelyn~ said...

Can't stop laughing about this . . . too close to home.

Kandace said...

HAHAHAHAHAAH Oh I am SO following in your foot steps! Teach me how Yoda. Teach me how!

Karen said...

I love this post! Brayden hates the vacuum as well! :)

Erin Brady said...

Genius. Absolutely genius. This made my day. Motherhood isn't about enlightenment, it's about survival.

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jack thomas said...

Hehehe, nice said mate,,,

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