Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mullet Be Gone

Most moms (like myself) dream of there daughters having beautiful flowing hair to braid and accessorize. My grandmother did it to my mom, my mother did it to me, so I plan to do it to Hadley. It's tradition. So what am I suppose to do when my child's hair grows everywhere on her head, except for the sides, and she ends up with... yes... a mullet...
In the past, I've told young mothers to suck it up and just cut the length off so their daughter can actually have a cute haircut vs something that came out of the movie Joe Dirt. So - the time came when I finally decided I better take my own advice. I took what was of the above picture, and cut it into this...
And mamas... You can still accessorize!
I'm realizing my baby is not so much a baby anymore.


Emma said...

Oh my goodness! She is so big and she looks just like john! (such a cutie!) I'm definately bringing Sadie to you to cut her hair when she needs it.

Clay and Jessica Brown said...

She is a big girl! :D Holy cow!

Are you guys still going to be in Logan at the end of May? I am going to be there for a couple of days, and would love to have you cut my hair...but I don't know if you even work on the days I am there---so I guess I need to know that too! ;D

john said...

*blush* emma just called me a cutie.

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