Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 Years Ago Today...

At the time, I was just beginning on building my clientele. In the hair industry, you don't make any money if you don't have someone sitting in your chair. So I chose to keep my job at the Buckle, as a "freight girl", to help keep my head above water. I worked there Monday and Tuesday, and then I did hair Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I was into my 2nd month at the Hair Company, and I was finally getting into the hang of things.

Friday, April 7, 2006, was just a typical day at work. I was sitting there, chit-chatting with the girls I worked with, when the phone finally rang. It was for me. I answered, and it was a guy I worked with at the Buckle. I cut his hair 2 days before.

"Hey, Scott. What's going on?"

"Hey, Teens. First of all I have to tell you how great my hair is. In fact, I'm calling to set up an appointment for my room-mate. He noticed I had a haircut, and he needs one, so I told him he should have you cut it since you did such a great job. He has to be in at work by 2:00. Can you get him in before that?"

"Yeah. I think I can squeeze him in." (Since I had nothing on my books.) "What's his name?"

"John Fraidenburg. F-R-A-D-E..... no, F-R-A-I-D-E-N-B-E-R... B-U-R-G. "

I ended up just writing down "John F.", and I remember thinking to myself, "I'd HATE to have a last name like that."

12:30-ish rolled around and Scott came with this tall guy with thick, luscious, shaggy, brunette hair. "Hey, Scott. Your hair looks good." "Thanks, I had nothing to do, so I thought I would come along."

I turned towards the guy and said, "You must be John."

He replied, "That's me." "Okay, come on back."

Nothing great happened. I just cut his hair, mostly talked to Scott (because I knew him a little bit), and ocassionly asked John a question. I found out he was from Salt Lake. Came to Logan to start school the following fall. Worked at Convergy's and American eagle, but quit both to start working at Qwest the following Monday. Served his mission in Brazil, and that's where he met his roommate, Scott, that talked him into moving up to Logan to go to school. I remember thinking he was a way nice guy, with nice hair.... and that was that.

I charged him for his debt to me, and he gave me a great tip. He told me, "Thanks." I told him, "You bet. See ya later." And I didn't think anything of it. Come to find out, John didn't either.

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